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Heidi Wood is a premier sports therapist and personal trainer that is recognised nationally within her field, Heidi's client base includes some of Britain's leading sportsmen, pop stars, TV personalities and global dance organisations. With over 20 years experience as a sports therapist, Heidi has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She is a member of the Sports Therapy Association.

Sports Therapy Association (STA) sets a gold standard in professional representation for sports therapists, sports injury therapists and soft tissue therapists across the United Kingdom.

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We specialise in the treatment and management of soft tissue injuries that occur as a result of sports and occupational activities. Injuries that affect both amateur and professional sports people often fall into the categories of tendon strains, ligament injuries and muscle tears.

Sports therapy is also effective in treating ailments suffered by non-sporting individuals. Common conditions such as back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome (RSI), joint stiffness, hip pain and knee pain can all be helped by regular sports therapy treatment. Improving your posture will also maximise the function of your muscles and joints and help prevent injury and chronic pain.